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Our carefully curated preschool curriculum takes on an integrated approach inspired by the best components of the Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and Montessori philosophies as well as an Inquiry-based approach to learning. Thus, our curriculum is structured to promote a global perspective, meaning we incorporate diverse viewpoints, cultures, and languages to help foster a broader understanding of the world. We also include Sanskrit and Spanish as a part of preschool curriculum, introduced from Nursery.

Learning Centre

At Sparkling Minds, our educational philosophy is rooted in the belief that every child possesses the potential to excel academically and develop essential life skills through a stimulating and engaging learning environment. We understand that early education lays the foundation for a child's future success, and our approach is designed to nurture each child's unique abilities, building not only their academic prowess but also their confidence, creativity, and social skills.

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Personal Growth Area

Personal Growth Area

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