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Sparkling Minds International Preschool

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Our carefully curated preschool curriculum takes on an integrated approach inspired by the best components of the Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and Montessori philosophies as well as an

Inquiry-based approach to learning. Thus, our curriculum is structured to promote a global perspective, meaning we incorporate diverse viewpoints, cultures, and languages to help foster a broader understanding of the world. We also include Sanskrit and Spanish as a part of preschool curriculum, introduced from Nursery.

Areas Of Exploration

At Sparkling Minds, we believe in nurturing young minds through diverse exploration. Instead of confining children to one classroom, we offer a dynamic learning environment where they rotate through various Areas of Exploration throughout the day, fostering curiosity and holistic growth. These are 12 specialized zones for your child’s holistic growth.

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A Day in the Life


In the morning, everyone enjoys a wholesome breakfast and engage in conversations about the variety of foods consumed in the classroom

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Circle Time

During this daily gathering, all the children come together to participate in fun activities such as yoga, group poems, exciting stories, and discussions on interesting topics related to their units of inquiry.

Learning Stations

Teachers set up three to four special learning stations for exploration. These stations offer sensory experiences, practice for fine motor skills, captivating storytelling, creative art projects, music fun, and imaginative play.

Reading/ Story

There's an expansive library filled with a variety of books tucked away in the heart of our preschool. Everyone either reads together, listens to someone reading or participates in interactive puppet shows. It's a quiet place to nurture a love for reading.

Literacy and Numbers

Every day, children dedicate an hour to Math and Literacy-focused inquiry and projects as part of their learning.


Our concept building activities help with the holistic development of every child. Through projects and real-world connections, students embrace challenges and develop essential critical thinking skills.


Pretend play translates abstract thoughts into hands-on actions, enhancing children's world comprehension. The station offers props for scenarios like kitchens, shops, or hospitals. Children enact witnessed, participated, or imagined situations.

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Life Skills

The focus during this time is on practical skills that help with communication, critical thinking, empathy, and resilience. Hands-on projects are part of the approach to shape adaptable, compassionate, and skilled individuals.

Music and Movement

Through hands-on exploration, children embark on sound-making adventures, employing techniques like shaking, banging, and plucking. It's a chance to learn about music and move to the beat.

Sensory or Outdoor Play

Every day, for a duration of 30 minutes, children engage in physical, skill-enhancing activities. These activities take place either in the indoor fitness area or the outdoor play area, encompassing challenges that contribute to the enhancement of their physical skills.

Reflection Time

At the end of the day, everyone gathers to share stories and rhymes. It's a special time to discuss the day's events and feel like part of a close-knit learning community.

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